One-way road request comes to halt

Changing Beecher Young Boulevard to a one-way street came to a dead end Monday during the Crawfordsville City Council meeting.

On a 2-3 vote, the ordinance did not pass first reading. Council members Mike Reidy, Scott Molin and Jennifer Lowe voting against the ordinance.

The roadway in question is only 13-feet wide, which causes problems with traffic traveling both north and south. However, the council could not come to an agreement.

During public comment, two business owners spoke of concerns they have by designating the street a one-way thoroughfare.

Local property owner Ralph Corey initiated the one-way traffic request. Reidy would like to hear from Corey, noting the property owner had not attended either meeting that the matter has been discussed.

The council scrutinized eight properties receiving tax abatements to ensure the companies are in compliance to the city’s tax abatement ordinance. Pace Dairy, IMPA, Random House, LSC Communications, MG Crawfordsville, Crawford Industries, Crown Cork & Seal and TIN Inc., all were found to be in compliance. According to statute, the council must approve a resolution stating each business is compliance in order for the abatement to continue.

The council conducted public hearings on three additional ordinances.

One ordinance moves money from a Civil Defense fund to be used for the Elmore Street facility for Emergency Management Agency office renovations. The council approved a motion to suspend the rules and passed the ordinance on three readings.

The Cumulative Fire Fund tax rate and the Cumulative Capital Development Fund tax rate were re-established to the maximum rate available by a unanimous vote. Both actions are done annually.

Councilmen Dan Guard and Charlie Warren were not present for the meeting.

In other business, the council:

• Presented a first reading of an ordinance that repeals a handicap parking designation at 115 S. Grant Ave.

• Approved an ordinance designating one yield sign on Copperleaf Drive and one yield sign at Shadow Wood Drive.

• Approved an ordinance establishing a Police Confidential Money Fund.