Owners pull rezone request

Property owners have withdrawn a request to rezone land within the city’s two-mile jurisdiction for industrial use, saying there are no immediate plans to develop the site.

This winter, J. Wendell Wiley and Rich Connell asked the city to re-designate 158 acres of agricultural-residential land between C.R. 150S and C.R. 200S, just east of C.R. 250E, so it could be marketed to potential investors.

Wiley and Connell wanted the land shovel-ready, but neighbors raised concerns about the use.

On Thursday, the city said it received a written request to pull the petition, adding the owners intend to re-file once exact plans are in place.

“This will allow them to answer specific questions about any potential development on the site,” Mayor Todd Barton said in a news release.

Wiley did not return a phone message seeking comment.

The city council first discussed the request in March, with a favorable recommendation with the plan commission. It passed two readings.

Neighboring property owners opposed the request, concerned about potential hazardous waste, drainage problems and lower property values.

Before the final vote, Wiley and Connell changed the request to clarify that hazardous waste disposal, industrial waste facilities, sanitary landfills and junkyards would be off-limits.

Plan commission members approved the changes, sending the request back to the council with no recommendation.

The petition has been removed from the council’s agenda and won’t be revisited until a new request is filed.

Another 189 acres on the site falls outside the city’s jurisdiction and is not regulated by zoning code.