Labor Of Love

There are a lot of new faces in Waynetown this week. 

A short-term mission team from the Nation Community Church AT Gainesville, Virginia, is helping renovate a downtown building that houses the Pizza King, Cracker Barrel Cafe and a laundromat. The building was recently acquired by Waynetown residents Brad and Kathryn Eads, former members of the church.

Brad and Kathryn moved to Montgomery County two years ago. They have taken it upon themselves, with a lot of prayer, to start a ministry, “Be the Church.” 

They are striving to unify all churches, regardless of creed or denomination, to help the community in many ways and spread the Gospel.

Nation Church Community campus pastor Robb Schmidgall is leading the team from Virginia. He came to know the Eads when they were charter members of the Gainesville campus. 

He said the church will send out 32 mission teams all across the globe this year, and the one in Waynetown is as meaningful to his church than any of the others. 

Schmidgall used the story of Jesus meeting a woman at a village well as an example of what Kathryn and Brad are doing.

“This trip is unique because it is an exciting opportunity to be a part of a rural environment,” Schmidgall said. “We want to support people who want to create a modern day well, which was the community gathering place during Bible times. The well is where the whole community would rub elbows and come together. This building is a place the people will come together.”

Kathryn said their ministry evolves around loving people. Customers will not be preached to, but rather she hopes people will see God’s love in action, which can lead to building relationships.

“We don’t serve pizza, we love and serve people,” Kathryn said. “Pizza is just the excuse.”

The mission team arrived in Waynetown on Saturday and they expect to be on their way home later today. 

In just three days, the Pizza King was remodeled and re-opened for business Wednesday. Besides pizza, the menu consists of sandwiches, salads and spaghetti. The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Days of operation are yet to be determined.

This is the second year the church has helped with a community project. Last year, they helped build Fruits Park, a downtown pocket park. The Fruits Park project also includes a building that has been remodeled. It includes a cafe, meeting rooms, three offices and will eventually house a library for town residents. The second floor has two apartments that are nearly ready to be leased.